Pregistry's Universal Pregnancy Registry

Studies that evaluate the safety of medications and vaccines when used during pregnancy face unique challenges, especially achieving an adequate sample size, limited data availability, multiple data sources and identification of appropriate comparator groups.

We overcome these challenges with a unique solution that converges world-class expertise in Maternal Health, our extensive and highly engaged social media communities, and advanced digital health technologies.

Our Pregnancy Registry is Universal because it is not limited to a single medication or to treatments for a single medical condition. This data crowdsourcing approach is more efficient and economical than the traditional methods.

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In addition, we offer a wide range of related services, including:

  • Study design and protocol for in-house patient registries
  • Assistance in negotiations with regulatory agencies
  • Establishment and facilitation of Advisory Committees
  • Sub-studies to address your product's needs
  • Endpoint evaluation, adjudication, and signal detection
  • Study reports, scientific manuscripts, and abstracts
  • Co-development of innovative solutions in digital health

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